No More White Lies

Greetings from The Nomad District!

At this day and age, fashion is a major influence towards our lifestyle. With social media almost at everyone’s fingertips, it’s not hard to be swayed by the different trends that are coming out here and there. 

There is a common misconception that some fashion trends might not be suitable for certain types of people. But what gives? You don’t have to be intimidated. If you want to try something, don’t give it a second thought.

Get ready to start your journey to discover your personal style with us.

Know more about us by reading on here: What is The Nomad District?

We’re starting things out on a blank slate, like a white canvas to write our journey.

Now, what better way to start things off but with something simple —

White is often associated with simplicity, purity and minimalism. But, when it comes to clothing, more often than not white outfits tend to be intimidating to pull off. Would you agree? Don’t worry, we have some tips that can help you wear white confidently.


Let’s start from the top with the basic white long line tee. This one in particular has zipper accents on both sides. Pair this with white washed biker jeans to give it a more rugged look. It is very important to mix up the fabrics you use when wearing single tone colours. 


You can add articles of black to make it more interesting. Any black sports watch will do. Throw in a geometrically designed cap to spruce things up. 

Complete your look by wearing a pair of white sneakers. It’s simple yet strong.


This is the first step Nomad, there’s no more room for white lies, start to build your personal style on something real.


Long Line Tee (Penshoppe), Biker Jeans (Penshoppe), G-Shock Sports Watch (Casio), Cap (SM Department Store), Stan Smith Sneakers (Adidas)

The Nomad District

The Nomad District is made up of three highly unique individuals who want to pursue their passion in fashion, photography and writing, despite having day jobs from 9-5. Follow us as we share our insights and interests when it comes to men's fashion and lifestyle.

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