Balls of Fun

There are a lot of new activities popping around the metro lately, Nomad. We decided to give in and check what the hype was all about with Ball Pit Manila. It promotes itself as not your typical ball pit because it’s only for adults.

If you’re looking for a break from all the seriousness, this might just be the escape you’re looking for. A ball pit brings back memories when we were kids where we didn’t give a care and just enjoyed the moment. Read on as we walk you through our experience —

First things first, you have to make a reservation through their website: Ball Pit Manila. From there, you will then need to select your preferred date and time slot. We got our tickets from their pre-selling before they opened at a discounted price. (Rates available at the end of the blog)


Your booking entitles you to an hour’s access to the ball pit. You have to remember to get there at least 15 minutes before for a debriefing and bring an extra pair of socks. You’ll be asked to remove your shoes and store them in the shoe cabinets. If you already have socks on, you will be requested to change into your extra pair for hygienic purposes during your stay. 

It’s a sea of balls that can accommodate a maximum of 20 adults at a time. Expect that you will have to leave your valuables and any other articles that may fall out or get lost. Once you’ve finished prepping, you will be given access to a “chill spot” where you can enjoy coffee during your allocated time. If you have companions please take note that if they are late, they will only be able to use what is left of your “booked hour”. It may sound strict but implied for courtesy of the other guests who booked for that day.


Now, get ready to take the plunge! Your gear should be ready and by that we mean your nifty gadgets to capture every FUN-tastic moment. You can use your phone, camera and/or GoPro as long as you make sure you have a hold of it.


You’ll be given an hour to use the place as you wish. You can go crazy in the pit or relax at the comfort of your “chill spot”. It’s a perfect place to bring out your creative juices and make your own unique and stylish shots.


It’s been open for a month now so the balls have had quite a beating if you notice from the photos. It’s A-OK though, because it doesn’t take away how fun the experience was.


Overall, we’d say it was a quick escape from everything going on. That one hour was worth  it. Think about your life right now, with all the hustle and bustle, we simply play by the rules and usually forget to take a breather.


How you play life makes all the difference. How would you do it, Nomad? 



Bonus Tip: Bring an extra pair of awesome statement socks for a more playful vibe.


101 Urban Avenue, Makati, Metro Manila

Operating Hours: Check site for date and time availability
Ticket Price: Php 499/person (Regular Rate) ; Check the site for promos
Payment Options: Paypal ; Offline – Bank Transfer / LBC


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