Baguio Bleu’s

Hi Nomad, have you ever been to The City of Pines? Baguio is a popular destination that people often call a home away from home. It’s a great place to head to, to get away from the heat or a from the urban life. Well, some of you might have and maybe some of you might be first timers just like us!

We decided to head up north for a quick getaway last summer to escape the scorching heat. Being adventurous as we are we travelled by bus through the renowned winding roads to reach this fair city. There are a lot of great places to go to and great places to hang out at. One of them particularly, is the place we stayed at, namely Le Coq Bleu.

The place is a private home that has been put up to receive guests. Meaning, you can book a room in their humble abode. It’s owned by Chantal and her dear husband. The owners are very friendly and welcoming. The place is amazing, if you want to relax and getaway for a while. It has a loft located at their attic and a private room available just below the house. They have three lovely dogs as well that live with them.

If you don’t mind being hosted and sharing a place, check them out on AirBnB. This was certainly a great experience for us. Oh and did we mention that her husband makes a mean breakfast? Well, if you are, this is a place you definitely have to check out when you head up north.

So, when will you be visiting Baguio Nomad?












Suello, Baguio, Benguet, Philippines

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