Let It Rain

How has it been, Nomad? Our days have been constantly battling ourselves from sleeping in given out fickle weather. The cool morning breeze makes you just want to sleep in most days. Sometimes, we even get a bit lazy and just want to relax and not have to bother on what to wear for the day wouldn’t you agree?

Given that the weather we have now is quite unpredictable, what you wear should be flexible to adjust to the given weather conditions. It’s usually hot in the morning and cooler in the afternoon. Being able to adjust your outfit to the weather is just practical. Now, being practical doesn’t mean you don’t get to be stylish. Take this outfit we pulled together, we paired a printed shirt with a grey jacket alongside jogger pants for a comfortable look. To make the outfit more complete we added a pop of color with a maroon cap. It’s as simple as that. What do you think about it, Nomad?—









Shirt (F&H), Jacket (Penshoppe), Shoes (New Balance), 
Cap (Cotton On), Watch (G-shock), Bag (The North Face)

The Nomad District

The Nomad District is made up of three highly unique individuals who want to pursue their passion in fashion, photography and writing, despite having day jobs from 9-5. Follow us as we share our insights and interests when it comes to men's fashion and lifestyle.

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