Every Nomad’s Secret: 3 Ways to Wear Your Favorite Button Down

We are at the day and age wherein we, Millennials, are strongly influenced by what we see and hear from our peers, and what we find on social media. Many young people are going deeper into the world of fashion and style because of what they see around.

In spite of this, we believe that there are still a number of Nomads out there who want to experiment more with fashion but think it might not be possible given the limited number of pieces they may have. If you’re one of those Nomads that ask yourself, “Can I look stylish even though I only have basic items in my closet?” Then this post is just for you!

We’ll be sharing how we came up with three different outfits by utilizing one main piece of clothing – a regular button down shirt.

For these looks, we chose a navy blue button down since it’s neutral and can go with almost anything. Let us know your thoughts as you read on —

Look 1: Casual

The simplest type of attire that would suit any Nomad. It’s something that is typically worn from students to working professionals. Whether you’re going to the mall to hang out with your friends, watch a movie with your special someone, or just enjoy an intimate dinner with your family, this is a fail-proof look that is easy to achieve. Just match the navy blue button down with a pair of light washed jeans to have a stand out focal point. Then complete this clean look with a pair of white sneakers. Remember, you don’t have to sacrifice your style when going casual. 






Look 2: Smart Casual

Now, don’t get intimidated. Smart Casual attire is often expected when you have to look sharp especially when attending business meetings or events. With our outfit staple, paired with dark jeans or chinos you’ll be set once you combine it with a good pair of leathers shoes or loafers. Compliment the look by wearing accessories such as a nice dress watch and belt taking note that they should match your shoes. In addition to that, you may also tuck in your button down to instantly make the outfit look sleeker.






Look 3: Beach Wear

This would be our favourite amongst the three looks we have been sharing with you. Nomads are known to travel from one place to another, that is why we intentionally came up with an outfit that would best support our passion. If you’re the type of guy who loves to travel, especially going to your favorite vacation places just to chill and have a good time, we would say that this outfit is perfect for you. Just pair your button down with chinos or swim shorts to give it that instant relaxing beach vibe. You can also choose to wear it over a tank top so in case the sun rays get too hot, you can just remove your button down and still look cool. Don’t forget your hat and shades to protect yourself from the sun. Just wear what would make you feel happy and comfortable. After all, you’re on a vacation to relax and unwind.






Look 1: Casual
Button Down (Closet by Basics), Biker Jeans (Penshoppe), Jack Purcell Sneakers (Converse),
Watch (Lacoste), Accessories (SM Accessories)

Look 2: Smart Casual
Button Down (Closet by Basics), Jeans (Uniqlo), Leather Shoes (Call It Spring),
Belt (Folded and Hung), Watch (Daniel Wellington), Socks (Iconic Socks), Eyewear (Sunnies)

Look 3: Beach Wear
Button Down (Closet by Basics), Shorts (GAP), Sandals (Rider),
Watch (Daniel Wellington), Duffle Bag (Tommy Hillfiger),
Cap (SM Accessories), Accessories (SM Accessories)

The Nomad District

The Nomad District is made up of three highly unique individuals who want to pursue their passion in fashion, photography and writing, despite having day jobs from 9-5. Follow us as we share our insights and interests when it comes to men's fashion and lifestyle.

2 thoughts on “Every Nomad’s Secret: 3 Ways to Wear Your Favorite Button Down

    1. Hi Logan, we hope you enjoyed the read! To answer your question, it actually depends if you prefer to or not. Personally, I prefer to wear an undershirt because it’s more comfortable for me. Share your look with us!


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