Back to Black

Hey, Nomad! How have things been going? We know it’s been a month since our last post, the team has been busy with our day jobs because we need to pay the bills. Haha. We’ll admit that it’s a challenge to find the right balance between work and things that one is passionate about — for us, it’s this blog.

Summer is fast approaching and we’re sure all you Nomads are excited to head out to your favourite beach resorts, but for this post, we thought of sharing an outfit that would actually complement the cool weather we’ve been experiencing lately. The weather is neither too cold or too hot, and reminds us of the hot cup of cocoa we had when we headed up north to Baguio. For some, they might even prefer sleeping in. This is actually the best time to bring out your favourite jackets because you actually have a reason to.

Read about our trip to the City of Pines namely Baguio here & what we wore there, here.

We came out with an outfit that would be easy to pull off by any Nomad out there. By focusing on a single colour, mainly black, you don’t need to think about it too much. Just a tip when wearing single colours, make sure to play with different fabrics to balance out the whole look, just like this outfit — Bomber Jacket (Nylon), Long Tee (Cotton), Ripped Jeans (Denim). Then for some contrast, we opted for a white sneakers and a cap. This outfit can be worn whether you’re going to a movie date, have a casual dinner out with friends, or if you’ll just be hanging out in the mall. —









Share your thoughts about the look we came up with by commenting on this post, Nomad!

Bomber Jacket (H&M), Long Tee (Penshoppe), Ripped Jeans (H&M), Cap (Adidas), Jack Purcell Sneakers (Converse)

The Nomad District

The Nomad District is made up of three highly unique individuals who want to pursue their passion in fashion, photography and writing, despite having day jobs from 9-5. Follow us as we share our insights and interests when it comes to men's fashion and lifestyle.

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